Online lessons:

9€ – per 30 minutes
7.50€ – per 30 minutes when you buy a set of 8 or more sessions in any one month
12€ – per 45 minute lessons
10€ – per 45 minute lesson when you buy a set of 8 or more lessons in any one month

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Lessons in person:

Lessons Price per hour per person Set of 8 hours per month per person
Individual 14€ 96€ (12€ hour)
Compartido 2 personas 10€ 68€ (8€ hour)
Compartido 3 o más personals 9€ 56€ (7€ hour)

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Weekend English immersion:

Example of weekend timetable
  • Accompanied local walk introducing local points of interest
  • Games and activities
  • 2 hours of formal lessons
  • British meals (including the joining in  with the cooking if this is something you’d like to do)
  • Accommodation
  • And more than 14 hours speaking in English

Individual room for the weekend: 150€
Shared room for the weekend: 280€
A cot bed can be provided free of charge upon request;  an extra (fold up) bed for a child aged 5-12 will incur an additional charge of: 50€ (under 5’s free)

Check availability or contact us for more information